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Probably related with:
English Tagalog
pagpaligo; paghuhugas;

May be synonymous with:
English English
washing; lavation; wash
the work of cleansing (usually with soap and water)
washing; laundry; wash; washables
garments or white goods that can be cleaned by laundering

May related with:
English Tagalog
hugasan; hugas; laba;
maglalaba; maglalaba ng; maghugas; hugasan; huhugasan; labhan; hugasan mo; mangaghugas; maligo; maghuhugas; hugasan ang; hilamusan mo; labhan ang; labhan mo; nangaghuhugas; huhugasan mo; naghugas; laba; hugas; nangaghuhugas ng; ay maligo; hugasan mo ang; maghugas ka;


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